Good Music = A Good Evening

I had heard a lot about Raaga Factory, not only from a friend who is a part of the band but also from other friends who have been in Dubai for a while now. A group of young Indian working individuals who decided to follow their undying love for music in their after -work life was quite intriguing to me. I missed a couple of their performances, but I finally managed to make it for one of them this month. It was a Friday night and Amar and I were speculating on how to make the most of it. We picked the option of going for the Raaga Factory performance, and drove till The Address Hotel in Marina expecting a pleasant evening with a  cozy crowd and some passionate amateur musicians jamming together. We were quite taken by surprise when we entered a massive hall filled with people all hooting and clapping. The stage was brilliantly lit up with some extravagant lighting and there was a whole lot of camera coverage (with live switching) projected on large screens. ‘This was going to be one rocking night’, I thought to myself because I never expected it to be such a groovy musical concert. 2015-04-11 13.42.33-3 The evening just got better as we ran into some friends and joined their table to enjoy some great soulful music (and some complimentary mojitos). Far from amateur, the musicians and singers of Raaga Factory sounded much like (or even better than) professional artists. Knowing the fact that each of them in the group has a regular job and they still manage to make time for their passion (which itself seems like a full-time job) is commendable. The variety of music they had to offer was another thing that surprised me. We walked in during the famous qawwali ‘Dama dam mast kalandar’, and soon we found ourselves foot-tapping to some retro hindi numbers. My evening was made when they even added some folk english music in their mixed bag of performances. I had never heard or seen ‘Blowin’ in the wind’ by Bob Dylan being performed live, and I couldn’t help clap so hard and smile even harder when Ishaan from Raaga Factory played the mouth organ with such finesse. 2015-04-18 17.20.18 Another deep voice that mesmerised us was of Payal’s who sang the latest Bollywood number ‘Mai tennu samjhawan’ (originally by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan), and left us craving for another performance by her. 2015-04-11 00.03.18 The mood was further pepped up by some more stirring  performances like ‘Garaj Baras’,’Sayonee’, and many other hit numbers. It was an evening well spent and quite exhilarating. To know about more about the group and their performances you could follow their Facebook page, and if you are a music lover and looking for a way to spend a great evening with friends or family listening to some of your favourite Indian and Western songs, then I highly recommend you to catch the next performance of Raaga Factory.


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