Get FNLed!

Fridays in Dubai for me are almost the same. Have a heavy lunch, chill at the mall and then watch a film. The last Friday had a similar itinerary. Amar and I had a hefty Indian meal along with a few friends and then headed to the mall for window shopping (it eventually turned into a wallet emptying, card swiping activity). The ritual wasn’t complete without a film, so we excitedly made way to our seats in the theatre to watch Furious 7 (I won’t get started about the film here, it has to be a separate post). The film ended, leaving me in tears (what? the tribute to Paul Walker struck an emotional cord!) and they were also tears of satisfaction to have yet another perfect but mundane Friday. (We are almost on auto pilot mode now). The final lap was to drive back home listening to our favourite playlist, but miraculously there was a change of plan.

One of our friend from work (Sunny) had a live stand up performance (his second performance in Dubai) and we felt it was our moral duty to go cheer for him. Being an expat I am very particular about being there for fellow expats in good times and bad. So with a few exchange of whatsapp messages we had the information about the time and venue (which is a stone’s throw away from our home), and we were on our way. Amar was still under the Furious 7 influence, I felt like we were a part of some chase sequence. But thanks to that, we managed to reach Sports City just in the nick of time. We almost barged inside without the hand tags being given at the entrance, as we heard Sunny’s voice on the microphone. And we ran in at that precise moment.2015-04-03 21.01.47

The weather was clear and pleasant and the place had a relaxing vibe to it. The cosmopolitan crowd was at ease with a mug of beer or a glass of wine, whilst they all laughed at the subtle jokes cracked by Sunny. He elaborated upon a lot of Indian idiosyncrasies, which made me nod furiously in agreement and many giggled with amusement. The show wasn’t over after his performance. There was another stand up comedy act by Tanuj who kept the laughter alive and later we all swayed to a brilliant musical performance by Joe and Faye. (They played the melodica, I heard that instrument for the first time and it was interesting). The night wasn’t over till people could shake a leg or two on some African beats by DJ SD.

Apart from Sunny’s rib-tickling stand up act, what made my evening really charming was the enormous mug of Guinness Irish beer, that I gulped down with some unforgettable fried fish and chicken.IMG_20150404_123657

It was a night under the open starry sky with a calming breeze, good food, great beer, pleasant company, friendly crowd and some enriching live acts.Oh! and did I forget to mention it was a free entry? So it was a win-win in every aspect.

Honestly, it was one of my most well spent Friday nights ever since my big move to this wonderful city, and I can see the rest of my Friday nights being even better till 8th of May (there will be a live event every Friday till 8th of May at Friday Night Live in Sports Village). It’s time to plan your Fridays in Dubai too. What are you waiting for? Get FNLed! I hope to see many of you Dubai people tomorrow.. or the Friday after that… and then again the next week.. so on and so forth.. at FNL.

To get updates on the Friday Night Live events and schedules, I think it is a good idea to check their Facebook page or just refer to their website. It’s just a click away.

P.S. – Sorry for all the blurry and not so aesthetic pictures, either I need a new phone or it was just too much Beer! I hope to do better next time 🙂


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