Circle of FOOD

It was one of those hungry days at work today when in-spite of getting my lunch box from home, I was craving to grab someone else’s food to devour. But to my despair, nobody seemed to be carrying any lunch (or they secretly hate me and were just hiding all the food). The Saturday afternoon was getting lazier as Amar and I stepped out of office to walk around in search of a quick miracle meal. The wind was almost like a wizard of oz(ish) tornado that literally transported us across the road, and we found ourselves standing with a head full of messed up hair squinting up at a big black board with neat white letters reading ‘Circle’. We followed the whiff of aromas leaking through the edges of the glass door and found ourselves in a cozy little cafe splashed with the warm welcoming smiles of the Circle staff.2015-04-04 14.37.18

We were guided to the most comfortable looking sofas next to the window where I encountered a very creatively designed menu – The Circle Times.  With  story snippets about its bagel loving founders (Mira and Rama), The Circle Times also includes a lot of fun facts about the food options in their menu. We ordered the soup of the day along with a family salad about which Mira had quipped, “The family salad started when someone in the Circle family asked for a salad that included everything we have.”

I was a bit worried about the prices in the menu and I wasn’t sure if I would like to pay that much for a simple cafe meal on a regular basis, but once our order arrived all my concerns were buried under the huge heap of food that arrived. An enormous bowl of heavenly broccoli soup (the bowl was much bigger than what it looks like in the picture, trust me!), and a deep dish carrying a mound of salad overflowing with perfectly roasted chicken, made me first gasp out loud and then sigh with pleasure. The tender roasted pumpkin chunks were a surprise and added a smooth melting texture to the salad which was well complimented with the creamy Italian burrata cheese.2015-04-04 14.11.24

Just a simple soup and a salad was enough to extinguish our enormous appetites (and believe me, we both can really stuff ourselves). We paid a bill of AED 64 and were satisfied for hours, plus we enjoyed a great ambience, I admired their inviting book shelf (my hands itched to grab a book or two, but I had to get back to work remember?), and they had some lovely white roses on each table to make us smile. I definitely see myself being a regular here. 🙂

So when are you grabbing your next meal at Circle (if you haven’t already), or celebrating a birthday or anniversary there? (they did get an utterly sinful cake for a birthday girl lunching with her friends there today, the staff also sang for her!)…

Check out their website to read more about the lovely place, to skim through their menu or to know their locations… and do tell me if you like the place as much as I did. #circlecafe #dubaistudiocity


4 thoughts on “Circle of FOOD

  1. I love Circle Café not just for their amazing food, but also because of the aura in the restaurant itself. BTW, welcome to the Circle’s Circle of fans! Lol!


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