So this is my first post on Live It Up and what better way to start the blog than telling you who I am, and what this blog is going to be all about. I will keep my story short – I hail from a small town (now fast developing into a chaotic city, still beautiful though) in the lap of the Himalayan foothills in North India called Dehradun. I spent three years in the capital city New Delhi and two years in Pune (for higher studies), before I started working in Bombay in the media industry. I love dreaming, reading, brooding, observing, and the whole idea of writing about all that I love to do, read, eat, watch etc., but somehow I never got around to pen down (or type) my thoughts mainly due to laziness and busyness. After five years in Bombay, I relocated to Dubai and embarked upon my next adventure. Live It Up is going to be a space where I will write about all my discoveries in this city and beyond. Places to eat, simple recipes that I try, films to watch, books to read, road trips, weekend activities, shopping, music, pets, and many other things that I may stumble upon. I will try to give you an insight about things that you can try out, places you could travel to, ideas to plan your weekends and more. It will be great if you follow this blog and be a part of my escapades, and you could also follow me on Instagram just click on the below link 🙂

Any suggestions what my next post should be about? Just leave a comment.


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